Had I Not Gone to Dr. Cohan…I Would Not Be Here

"Star ratings are best for movies and restaurants, not near [...]

Best Doctor I’ve Ever Had

"There's no way to be objective about this review and, [...]

A Highly Qualified, On-Time, Up-to-Date Physician

"Dr. Cohan is one of the most amazing people I've [...]

A Personalized Get-Well Strategy

For over twenty years Dr. Gary Cohan has kept me in tip-top shape. He practices the kind of medicine that is deigned for long term well being.

One of the Most Knowlegeable, Up To Date Physicians

Dr. Cohan is one of the most knowledgeable and up to date physicians I have ever known. While I have modest means and health insurance, I choose to spend the extra money to be seen by MY CHOICE of doctor.

The Most Thorough Doctor I’ve Ever Encountered

The most thorough doctor I've ever encountered. His annual physical is time well spent in reviewing lab work, x-rays, EKGs and proper strategies for a healthy lifestyle. The hour or more he spends with me is greatly appreciated.

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