A Highly Qualified Physician Who Cares

Dr. Cohan is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. I guarantee you will be hard pressed to find a doctor with a better beside manner.

Dr. Cohan Is the Best

Dr. Cohan is the best. He is just a good person and fantastic physician. He is kind, smart, patient, funny, communicative, trustworthy, approachable…

Everybody in the Office Is Really Great and Super Helpful

Everybody in the office is really great and super helpful for getting appointments with other specialists.

Get the Best Medical Treatment When You Need It

The best medical treatment—when you need it, with respect, compassion and understanding. Dr. Cohan will warm your heart with his smile, and will make you feel safe with his knowledge and experience.

Generous and Gracious with His Time

Dr. Gary Cohan is more than a doctor, he's a miracle worker. This man is more generous and gracious with his time than any doctor I've ever met. As far as doctors go, Dr. Gary is #1 by a mile.

I Always Felt Confident I was in the Best Hands

Patients are scheduled so they don't have to sit in the reception area or the examination room for a long time waiting to see the doctor and he spends whatever time is needed to do a thorough examination. I never felt like I was just another body passing through.

I Never Feel Rushed or Uncomfortable

He's always wearing a smile on his face, and with his nurse and office staff, I always feel at home or one of the family. I never feel rushed at all or uncomfortable, and it's nice to always finish my appt, sitting in front of him at his desk, rather than sitting on a sterile hospital table/chair/desk.

Without a Doubt, The Best Doctor

I never feel like I'm on an assembly line like most other offices. He takes his time and is on time! If the appointment is at 11:15, you are in a room and speaking with one of his nurses at 11:15 sharp.

Cares for Patients, Knowledgeable, Explains What’s Going On

The thing I like best is that you sees you when your appointment time arrives. I appreciate that he values your time as much as his.

Professional, Caring, Knowledgeable, Attentive

Anyone who needs a doctor or is looking for another doctor, Dr Gary Cohan is the one. He truly cares about each patient and everyone is VIP.

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