“Thorough, Smart, Communicates Well, a Real Mensch”

Patient Review

by David C., Palm Springs, CA

Dr. Cohan is the doctor’s doctor. He’s thorough, smart, communicates well, and a real mensch (which is very good, in case you don’t speak popular Yiddish). He was able to diagnose my odd mystery illness when my (former) primary doctor was stumped and had me scared half to death and doing every available test. Turns out it was a non-common, but not dangerous, virus. And Dr. Gary figured it out in less than an hour!

There’s a reason why all the big shots in LA and Beverly Hills go to see him. He’s a good guy, all around. He’s an excellent practitioner and knows his stuff. He is a Board Certified Internist. (Is your doc Board Certified? It takes a lot of extra continuing education and testing. And the best docs keep the Board Certification current.) I feel very comfortable and safe in his practice. Love his nurses, too!

Dr. Gary Cohan patient review
— David C.
Palm Springs, CA