“Scheduling, Billing, Receiving Care—All Easy & Efficient”

Patient Review

by Christina Z., Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Cohan is the best. Prior to being Gary’s patient, I avoided medical care, it was always such a hassle. Not so at this practice, scheduling, billing and receiving care are all easy and efficient!

Gary’s encouragement and reasoning about annual physicals has had me in there regularly for many years, and the discovery of a few issues, since caught early will not reach their dangerous potential. He is also readily available on short notice whenever I am not feeling well. On the few occasions when I have had to see specialists, however reluctantly, his network is just as excellent as he is. Most of whom, without a referral from Gary, I would not have been able to access. And, Dr, Cohan does not refer out and check out, while another Dr. may be treating me, he is still managing my care, keeping in touch with both me and the specialist.

He is just a good person and fantastic physician. He is kind, smart, patient, funny, communicative, trustworthy, friendly, approachable…I think you get my point!

Dr. Gary Cohan patient review
— Christina Z.
Los Angeles, CA