“I Wanted a Doctor Who Would Return Calls”

Patient Review

by Brian T., Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Gary’s since the days when he was part of a large medical group. I was referred to him as I was tired of a doctor who had appointments available in 3 weeks; not the same day or day after. I wanted a doctor who would return calls, or at least of a staff member return calls. I wanted a doctor who would spend more than 6 1/2 minutes with you and write you a RX to get you going out the door. I wanted a doctor who helped you ask questions you didn’t know you should ask.

Dr. Gary Cohan is all of that, and more. When he left the large medical group, I had a choice, stay with the group or choose to leave and join Gary, and I chose Gary.

When I need an appointment that means I’m sick or there’s a problem and I want to see him now…and I can and I do. That means the same day most of the time. I don’t have to wait in the lobby only to be transferred to an exam room and wait; I am able to come in at the time designated and I see either his nurse (Marien) or Gary right away.

His office is managed very professionally, and the hassle of insurance form completion is done for you…you sign and you are done. I don’t have to worry about spending only 6 1/2 minutes; I am comfortable talking with Gary and he in turn, asks me things I don’t know to ask. When I leave and may have a RX, it is called in and when I hit the pharmacy, they have it and I don’t have to hassle there either.

I have referred 4 friends to Gary and they all remain patients of his as do I. I have the ability to choose my health care, especially my elective care. Gary is most concerned about living well and staying healthy which I find most important in my life. Hard to measure the reward in terms of dollars, but in terms of a healthy life and feeling my best, my vote remains with Dr. Gary and his professional staff.

Dr. Gary Cohan patient review
— Brian T.
Los Angeles, CA