“I Am Alive and in the Best Shape of My Life”

Patient Review

by Wilhelm M., San Diego, CA

Let’s face some cold hard facts… I’m an HIV positive 50 year old man with a bad narcotics + jail + rehab rap and enough life + AIDS trauma to kill an army of Spartans. But I am alive, and I am (quite possibly) in the best shape of my life. And the drugs and the HIV are gone and every cell in my body screams like a hulk of health. So to understand how to do that I suggest getting the best doctor you can find, this one for example, then listening to what he says and making informed decisions based on the excellent referrals and people around him. The rest of that town is AIDS. Inc.

The minute you seek the best care is the moment you discover you love yourself enough, and an outburst of healing begins in that sludge between your heart and mind. And as someone once said… the life you save may be your own. Why not skip the clinical and make it personal again. One doctor, best in town.

Dr. Gary Cohan patient review
— Wilhelm M.
San Diego, CA