“Get the Best Medical Treatment When You Need It”

Patient Review

by Avi D., Beverly Hills, CA

In a world of medical chaos, ruled by insurance companies that determine how you should be treated, where, and by whom…
In a world where patients can wait for hours to be seen by a physician, who can’t spend more than 10 minutes to examine, diagnose, explain, discuss and treat…

In a world where patients are being referred from one physician to another, unable to be seen by their physician when they need it and end up sitting for hours in the middle of the night, waiting for the ER doctor…

Well, there is still one safe haven, one physician, where you can get the best medical treatment—when you need it, with respect, compassion and understanding. Dr Gary Cohan will warm your heart with his smile, and will make you feel safe with his knowledge and experience. He will guide you through any medical situation, and his approach of total health and prevention will help you stay healthy.

Dr. Cohan’s professional office staff is highly skilled, warm and efficient. Their vast experience with medical administrative procedures, will save you time and frustrations. I’m a health care provider myself, and Highly recommend Dr. Cohan and his staff.

Dr. Gary Cohan patient review
— Avi D.
Beverly Hills, CA