“Dr. Cohan Takes Care of You Because He Cares”

Patient Review

by Patrick S., Pico Rivera, CA

I often tease Dr. Cohan that he’s my longest relationship! For nearly 20 years I’ve driven 50 miles (round trip in city traffic) for my medical appointments. I can honestly tell you that he’s worth all the trouble! I bring in my “laundry list” of complaints and he patiently goes through each, one by one.

You are never rushed with Dr. Cohan; he totally gives of himself to his patients. Never once in all the years that I’ve gone to him has he ever answered a phone or has been interrupted by one of his staff knocking on the door. Your time with him is your time. And when it’s time to leave, you always feel better because of his bright and enthusiastic demeanor. I could go on with examples of his great medical skills but what I like most about him is that Dr. Cohan takes care of you because he cares. That alone, is some pretty darn good medicine.

Dr. Gary Cohan patient review
— Patrick S.
Pico Rivera, CA