“Best Doctor I’ve Ever Had”

Patient Review

by Bennett Y., West Hollywood, CA

There’s no way to be objective about this review and, heck, who wants an objective review of a physician anyways? Gary Cohan has been my doctor for many years and his fantastic (and thorough) medical knowledge, care and compassion is one enormous component of why my life is so deliciously serene.

I don’t want to mince words so let me put it this way: GARY COHAN IS THE BEST DOCTOR I’VE EVER HAD, EXCLAMATION MARK! He knows every inch of my body, nearly every second of my medical history, and some rather personal secrets I’m happy to pay him to keep quiet about. Seriously, though, I sleep happier knowing he’s my doctor. I have literally put my life in his hands and have no hesitation following his learned advice. I am truly honored to be his patient. And I can’t mention Gary without mentioning his crack staff, Mary and Marien. They’re the frosting on the love cake!

Dr. Gary Cohan patient review
— Bennett Y.
West Hollywood, CA