“A Personalized Get-Well Strategy”

Patient Review

by Peter N., Los Angeles, CA

For over twenty years Dr. Gary Cohan has kept me in tip-top shape. “Gary” practices the kind of medicine that is deigned for long term well being. When something comes up short notice, I always get his attention quickly and in no time at all, he has personalized a get-well strategy. As a “mid-lifer” my excellent health is proof enough for me of Gary’s highest degree of medical expertise.

When I am out of town Gary and his office remain interested in my healthcare and continue to support my healthcare needs. When Gary is away his network of referral doctors have been available to care for my needs. It has also been my experience that any referral from Gary’s office has been well vetted.

Not to be overlooked kudos to his nursing staff Marien and Mary who play by his rules – get the job done right! Thank you very much ladies for taking such good care of me for so many years.

During the past twenty yeas I have recommended Gary to many other friends and have never heard a chilly word. I am with one of the blue plans and the office is always helpful with filing my paperwork. Yes, private practice healthcare costs more than an HMO but the benefits are worth every dime for me and my busy urban lifestyle.

Dr. Gary Cohan patient review
— Peter N.
Los Angeles, CA