Kareo Patient Messaging Portal

In this age of online digital communications, why should anyone have to leave a message for their doctor via old-fashioned voicemail or be constrained by the medical office’s daytime business hours? That’s why Dr. Cohan offers the 24/7 convenience of the Kareo™ Secure Patient Messaging Portal to his patients at no extra charge.

The Kareo™ Secure Patient Messaging Portal is a web-based service through which you can consult Dr. Cohan about non-urgent health matters and specific health symptoms, request a prescription refill, request appointments, update your contact information and more.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rule requires strict safeguards for the exchange of protected healthcare information or “PHI.” The Kareo™ Secure Patient Messaging Portal enables secure email messaging and convenient, HIPAA-compliant patient-provider communications between a patient and a physician.

The physician can then deliver diagnostic results, preventive care advice, and other healthcare information securely and confidentially to the patient. In addition, all patient-provider communication remains part of the patient’s PHI record for later reference.

Secure messaging allows patients to read physician messages when it is convenient for them and can initiate requests to the care team, even after office hours, using workflows built into the patient portal.

Current patients, please use the secure login portal here:

Kareo Patient Portal Login